Sissy’s Adoption

I recently realized I have not yet done a post about my third pet, Sissy. So here is her story, warning there is a convoluted start.

I moved to Charlotte in 2010 and was not enthusiastic about the move. In 2008 my cat Henry had to be put down; he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer (we could literally see the growth on his side) and kidney failure. Putting Henry down was the worst day of my life and I swore I would never own pets again.

Well, about a year after moving to Charlotte I told John I wanted to adopt a cat. I didn’t like not having a cat and the whole social scene for me wasn’t going so well. John and I had been dating almost a year at this point and he was not crazy about the idea. But, what John had not yet learned about me is that I can be very stubborn. I was a little mean, but I felt I had a valid point when I told John, “it’s my apartment and my money, so I can get a cat if I want.” I began combing rescue sites, local shelters, Humane Societies, and ASPCA websites looking for a cat to bring home.

A few weeks passed, and I just couldn’t decide on which cat I wanted to bring home, it was terrible (I know, not the worst thing in the world, but still). I had mentioned to my friend Holli I was looking to adopt a cat and a few weeks later I got a text from her inquiring as to whether I was still looking to adopt. Holli’s friend’s mother-in-law had taken in a stray black cat that turned out to be pregnant. She had had the kittens and there were only a few weeks old, still too young to go new homes, but she was looking for forever homes. I won’t lie when I say I was hesitant at first. All my cats have been rescues and I had really wanted to pull one from a shelter or rescue. However, Holli sent me pictures of the 4 kittens and I knew I had to have one. They were all so tiny and cute! I wanted them all, but knew there was no way I could have 4 cats, John would go insane. So I made a crazy decision and told John I was adopting two kittens, from Amelia County which was about 5.5 hours away.

ImageAll four of the kittens together: Sissy, Earl, Pearl, and Winston

To be fair, I told John he could pick a kitten that way we would each have one. There were two boys (a gray and a black) and two girls (a gray and a gray, black, and white tabby). I wanted a boy, and chose the black cat. I always worry about black cats finding homes since there is the misconception that black cats are bad luck. John said he wanted a female cat; his sister had a female cat when they were growing up, but he didn’t want the tabby. I said okay, the gray one then. Nope he didn’t want the gray one either. I explained it had to be one of those two unless he wanted the boy, so he picked the tabby, our little Sissy.

ImageImage Sissy’s “adoption” photos

Holli gave me the contact information for the woman who had the kittens, we told her which ones we wanted and arranged a day for us to come and pick them up. Then on the weekend we agreed on, John and I drove 5.5 hours and got our kittens! Luckily, the woman lived about half an hour from my parents, so we stayed with them. John and I became proud owners of two 7 week old kittens that we named Winston and Sissy.

ImageSissy and Winston playing

Sissy is an interesting cat. John and I think she is either part flying squirrel or very aerodynamic, due to her light weight, because she literally flies down the stairs. Right now she is going through her “teen years” and prefers to hang out in the spare room lounging on the bed or catching some rays in the window seat watching the birds and dog walkers. She loves to play fetch with her toy mice, if we throw one she brings it back and meows until we throw it again. And every night when it is time for bed, she comes to get in the bed with us and sleeps on my chest, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have never regretted adopting them both, and the woman we adopted them from ended up keeping the mom and the two others, now named Earl and Pearl, a happy story for all. It is funny though because Winston is such a Daddy’s boy and Sissy is a Mamma’s girl, so I guess we “switched”. But at the end of the day John and I love them both and this has been a great 3 years so far.Image



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