Vineyard Vines Blue + White

One of the things I love about Vineyard Vines is the nautical design and coastal feel of their clothes.  I had heard of Vineyard Vines, but really did not have too much interest in the brand until I moved to Charlotte a few years ago. It was in Charlotte that I wandered into a Vineyard Vine store one day and was able to see the quality of the clothes and actually try pieces on to gauge the fit and construction of the garments. Since then I have purchased a few pieces that I really love and wear quiet often. I am somewhat embarrassed to say I own 4 of the Shep Half zips, that I absolutely LOVE and wear all year around, yes even in the summer I tend to run cold. In addition I have a few dresses and t-shirts. I always get excited when the new collection comes out because it never fails to have some great pieces that I have to have.

Below are a few of Vineyard Vines current pieces that are on my wish list. I feel like I can’t save up my money fast enough to purchase something off my list. I love blues and whites for summer and everything is  light weight which is perfect for the sweltering summer days I know are coming.


  1. Shell Clip Strapless Maxi Dress
  2. Sailboat Print Dress 
  3. Whale Embroidered Skirt
  4.  Splash Stripe Shirt 
  5. Sailboat Print Popover

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