Mac + Rebecca’s Wedding

A few weekends ago John and I were lucky enough to be invited to our friend Mac’s wedding in Georgetown, D.C. Mac works for an international company in China and we actually have not seen him since Emily and Cole’s wedding about 2-3 years ago, so just seeing him was nice. Mac married the sweetest woman named Rebecca and the wedding theme was very summery and soft (weird descriptions I know). I was very impressed they were able to plan a wedding in D.C. while living in China. I had issues planning mine and I was only 5 hours away!

I was curious to see if the wedding would lean towards one culture or the other, since the marriage is that of two different cultures coming together as one. Mac and Rebecca did a wonderful job of blending both wedding traditions in a way that was recognizable, but at the same time did not seem out of place. For example, in China, red is considered a lucky color, thus Rebecca wore a traditional white wedding dress and red shoes! For the reception, Rebecca changed into a traditional Chinese dress called Qipao. Also, for appetizers, there were several types of sushi, but the main course (as chosen by Mac) was barbeque sandwiches, salad, coleslaw, and mac and cheese. John jokingly asked Mac if he picked out the menu with John in mind, which Mac answered “yes!” To be honest, I kinda do think he thought about John when picking that meal, it is one of his favorites. I am married to a good ol’ Southern Boy, for sure. Finally, the cake was a vanilla with white icing, but the middle was layered with strawberries, both delicious and bringing that lucky red color back into the mix.

It was a beautiful shade of red, and Rebecca looked beautiful. All in all it was a perfect wedding and I am so happy for Mac and Rebecca.ImageImageImageImage


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