Day 2: The Navy Blazer and Solid Tee

Skinny jeans are everywhere, and when they were first introduced, I will admit, I was not a huge fan. I have wide set hips and I felt like the skinny jeans just extenuated this part of my body and I wasn’t comfortable with that and how wide I felt I looked. Now it is almost impossible to find a pair of jeans (in stores) that are not a skinny cut, so I’ve been a bit forced to try again. I decided what I needed was a way to balance out the skinny jeans on top without making myself look like one of those female stick figures you see on the bathroom doors.

My inspiration: my sister wears colored skinny jeans paired with plain neutral tees and occasionally a long necklace. I always think she looks so cute when she is dressed like this. One day this past fall I saw her in this everyday outfit, but she had added her Northface due to the chilly weather, which made me think, “oh, duh! Balance out the skinny jeans with a blazer!” I felt kind of stupid for not thinking of a blazer initially, but everyone has their off days or experiences a brief loss of common sense, right?

Anyways, I think a plain tee is perfect to wear with a navy blazer, because they offer the perfect balance of a laid back and polished look without sacrificing comfort. And just like graphic tees, you most likely have a bunch in your closet already; there are so many great colors out there that it is easy to change the tee regularly and wear this casual look year around. Furthermore, plain tees can be pretty cheap and in the odd event you don’t have a bunch of tees in your closet, there are tons of budget friendly tees available. I actually really like tees from Gap (online has tons of sales and promotions), Old Navy (they have them for $7), and Banana Republic. Also, J. Crew marks down their solid color tees at the end of each season and these can be reasonably priced, and a steal when J. Crew offers the additional percentage off sale (they also have a wide variety of fits, fabrics and styles).

My personal favorite is mixing tees in bright colors, like Kelly green, Sky or Robin’s Egg blues, with navy blazers for spring and summer, and then using a neutral or darker color for fall and winter, like a dark wine or gray. The navy blazer does it again.

ImageI found this picture on Pinterest and it is actually from one of my Favorite blogs, The Northeast Girl, so check out her tips on styling a navy blazer, here. I just love how clean, comfy, and polished she looks. ImageThis is my wonderful friend Jennifer. I couldn’t not include this photo because I think her outfit looks so put together and comfy. Jennifer was sight seeing in Northern California and I think her outfit proves you can be comfy and put together while taking in the city sites. Plus, I love how her bright purple top is a pop of color!

ImageThis is my sister, C, at a birthday party. I asked her later about the location and she said it was just a bunch of friends at one of at one of their houses. C’s outfit works because it is both casual and allows for them to go to a nicer bar downtown had they decided to go out (picture taken in November). Again, I love the bright colbolt blue under her gray blazer (J.Crew) with her dark skinny jeans.

ImageI snagged this picture off Pinterest. It’s Jennifer Aniston at an airport, I think this chic look speaks for itself.


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