Staple Item-The Navy Blazer

It’s no secret I love clothes, just ask my husband or take a look in my closet. I, like most people, also love a good deal or sale. However, there are some pieces I firmly believe everyone should have in their closet, and these staple pieces are okay to splurge on.

First, not that anyone is dumb, but let’s define a staple item. A staple item is about quality over quantity, and quality does not always mean a high ticket item. Quality is good fabric, good construction, clean lines, and a piece that is timeless, classic, and very versatile. So, if it’s from Forever 21 or Old Navy, we aren’t talking about a well constructed garment that will last you for years to come.

I’ve decided to give myself a challenge and see if I can come up with 10 different ways to ware a staple item, and one that I happen to have in my closet, a blazer. Blazers are timeless, seasonless, chic, and insanely versatile. I actually have a closet full of blazers in various colors, but my goal here is to style a navy blazer.

Navy blazers really are a great investment, and I love the one I have, the School Boy Blazer from J. Crew. While it is on the pricier side, I have had this blazer for 5 years and gotten more than my money’s worth already. And, luckily, J.Crew keeps the blazer around all year long and offers this style in other colors. Call it preppy, call it chic, call it whatever you like, but at the end of the day a navy blazer is well worth the investment, and hopefully I’ll be able to prove that.

Okay, so here we go!


Side note, in later posts I’ll go into the difference between a versatile blazer and a suit blazer, but for now let’s just stick to the basics.


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