Ebay, when did you start sucking so hard core?

I’ve bought and sold on ebay for YEARS. In the last 6 months I had 127 positive feedbacks and 3 negative feedbacks (one of which was due to the snow storm and post offices closing, the item took longer than normal to get here. REALLY? You just admitted its not my fault but are still going to leave negative feedback when there is nothing wrong with item?) So, in light of receiving 3 negative feedbacks only, Ebay decided “it was not comfortable with my selling practices and has suspended my account indefinitely.” This means I can never sell on Ebay again,ever, despite all the years of positive feedbacks. AND I did some research and its a problem many amazing Ebay sellers are facing, here are just a few http://community.ebay.com/t5/PayPal/ebay-restricted-my-seller-account-indefinitely-as-below/qaq-p/16860207.

Some people have suggested work with the buyer who left negative feedback. It’s not working with the buyer who left the negative feedback its Ebay. Ebay has become a buyer friendly only market and buyers are regularly abusing their “buyer” protection against things that are not the sellers fault such as, slow shipping because the entire south shut down due to a snow storm that was called a natural disaster. A seller can’t even leave negative feedback for buyers anymore, when they used to be able to. I am sorry, but if you take two weeks to pay, get the item and then bitch that it took 3 days to get to you (when the normal shipping time is 5-7 days, oh em gee it got there early!), I should be able to leave negative feedback that says bad buyer, doesn’t pay in a timely manner, and has no understanding of the US Postal Service. After your account has been suspended from ever selling again Ebay does let you know you can still purchase using their site. And why the hell would I want to buy on Ebay when my seller ratings are great but you won’t let me sell? At some point Ebay will have very few sellers and no buyers. My suggestion to everyone looking to buy and sell on Ebay, depending on what you are selling check out Tradesy and Threadflip, especially if you are selling clothes, shoes and accessories. I have a spare closet literally full of stuff I need to sell but can’t. I’m very dependent upon the money I get from selling things on Ebay. Ebay is screwing people over and they don’t even care they are doing it unjustly and really without a reason.

Furthermore, the rating system they use is terribly flawed. After an item is purchased on Ebay, that buyer leaves overall feedback, positive or negative, and then stars in categories. If you get a low rating (either 1 or 2 out of 5 stars) for ANY, that is even if its just one, category, Ebay will count it for three months. To combat this, you have to sell 100 items with 5 star feedback to make up for the one, 1 or 2 star rating you received, even though the buyer may have given you an overall positive feedback. So, in that 3 month time, if you don’t sell enough, your account gets restricted, Ebay limits how many items you can sell. But if Ebay limits how many items you can sell in a month, how can you sell the 100 items to make up for the one star rating? You can’t so you ultimately lose your account and selling privileges. And what are these categories you may ask? They are things like, “item as described, shipping cost, communication of seller… not terrible complicated things” most of the areas they ask for feedback in I’ve never had to deal with. AND what’s even worse, people with 80% ratings and lower are still selling yet, people with above 95% for selling are being shut down. where is the logic in that? Don’t tell me its because you are “uncomfortable with my selling practices” Oh, you mean good selling practices that lead me to positive feedback? My bad. Ebay used to be customer friendly for all, because both the seller and the buyer are customers of Ebay. Now Ebay only cares about the buyers and does not consider that maybe, just maybe, the person with the 97.6% positive rating is a better seller than the 82.9% seller. 


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