Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day shopping, it can be easy or the worst chore ever. I am lucky enough to have a mom who loves anything I get her. My husband’s mother on the other hand, is very hard to shop for. We are talking start thinking about the gift weeks in advanced, type of hard. This year we lucked out on Mother’s Day shopping because I knew exactly what my mom wanted and John and I just happened to find the perfect gift for his mom while we were wandering around in C. Wonder.

I actually had a lot of fun putting together these Mother Day gift suggestions. Here is something I have learned when it comes to shopping for a successful Mother’s Day gift, have fun. Seriously! Getting stressed and hoping it is the perfect gift will most likely cause you to just buy something with no thought. Have fun, don’t feel pressured and take your time. I have found the best gifts for people while just wandering around with no agenda; I didn’t have a deadline, and the items I bought just screamed that person’s name to me. You know your mom better than you think, if you see something that reminds you of her, it is probably for a reason, and she probably will like it.

Just one more thing, I think for a great deal of mom’s out there it isn’t the gift that matters as much as it is the time they want to spend with you. Make time to just hang out with your mom or talk to her if you can’t be with her because, while it may sound corny,  that will be the best gift.Image

  1.  Monogram Cheese Board with Spreader
  2. Monogram Jewelry Box (5 colors)
  3. Monogram Chevron Stationery Set
  4. Mama Bear Mug
  5. Love You More Pillow
  6. Sydney Zip Wallet/Clutch
  7. L’Occitane ‘Happy Hands’ Cream Trio
  8. Essie ‘Spring 2014’ Mini Four pack
  9. Dogeared Boxed Freshwater Pearl Necklace




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