Free Nail Polish with Julep

I am ALWAYS weary of those “first month is on us” deals, then you pay a certain amount after for monthly deliveries. However, I did sign up for a free box from Julep because well, the first month is free, just pay for shipping, which for me was $2.99, and canceling is really easy. Plus, I have one of those American Express gift cards you can use anywhere, which made me feel safer about signing up since there is no “card” they can automatically charge anything to, because once this gift card is used up, it’s gone. There can’t be a balance I have to pay because there is no bill coming from a prepaid gift card. So, worth a shot right?

Anyways, to continue rambling, when you first go to the Julep site you can take a quiz to see what your “style” is and what Julep suggests for you. One of the questions is “do you prefer to experiment with make up, nail polish, or both?” I am not a make up experimenter by any means, so I went with nail polish, which I do love to play around with and I have no color fear when it comes to nail polish. This the result of my quiz: A natural trendsetter who’s not afraid to be bold. You’re into cutting-edge colors and finishes that make a statement (well, I like crazy nail colors, but not to make a statement, just because I think they look pretty). Here are the colors I’m getting in my first box.Image

  • Flora (It Girl): Exotic dragonfruit with blue shimmer
  • Margaret (It Girl): Light periwinkle crème
  • Maren (It Girl): Electric bubblegum sheer with blue sheen

Now, just something I figured out after I confirmed my colors and checked out, at the top there is a “Take the quiz again” or “Next style” if you want to see the other box choices there are and pick on of those instead, just click “next style” until you’ve seen all five of the choices. While I like the 3 colors of nail polish I’m getting, I like the Boho Glam choices better. Oh, well. You win some you lose some.



I’m not sure where this whole thing will go, but I say give it a whirl, click here (don’t forget to add FREEBOX into promo codes, discount will be reflected immediately). Worst thing that happens is you cancel after you get your first box, best thing, you love it and get a box every month. Hey, the products, if you don’t like them and keep them unopened, always make for great stocking stuffers or fill a bag with stuff and give it as a gift. AND the site is a great place to play around on and kill time.


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