Winston’s Revenge

Yesterday, John and I had to take our fur babies to the vet, which is always fun. Sissy is healthy and has gained 2lbs from last time, she now weighs 7.14lbs. She is just so tiny. Winston on the other hand, he is my healthy eater and weighs 13lbs and has to lose 2lbs, which he is not happy about. Typically, these spolied babies split a can of wet food in the morning and then a can in the evening, so they get a total of 1 can a day each. We also leave out some grain free dry food for them to snack on as they want. Winston tends to go overboard with the dry food and eats it whenever there is dry food in the bowl; I think he stress eats too. So, John and I decided to not leave out the dry food and just give him his normal half can of wet food in the morning and half in the evening. Sissy we will give a handful of dry food to as long as we can stand there and keep Winston from being a food thief. We enacted this new food routine yesterday at noon.

Since noon yesterday, Winston has not been happy. He walked around the house pouting and being ill tempered because we took him to the vet, updated him on his shots, and now don’t have dry food out. I could tell he was plotting something. Sure enough, at 3:30am Winston put plan “Revenge on Mom and Dad” into action and began meowing at 3-6 second intervals. I got up and put him in the bed with us and started petting him in an attempt to calm down. He finally did. Then, as soon as Winston knew John and I were asleep, he started meowing again. Winston kept this up for about 2 hours until he tired himself out and went to sleep, after he kicked/commandeered Otis’s (our dog) crate. Poor Otis, into the bed he went. Side note, Otis normally sleeps in the bed with us, but sometimes he hops down to have Otis nights in his crate, he loves his crate for some reason, but Winston now loves the crate too. Winston was happy this morning when he was finally able to have breakfast, at 5:30am. Yay, Winston! He’s a happy black cat again….

However, John emailed me and said since about 9am Winston has been meowing at the empty dry food bowl and throwing a tantrum. He also keeps pawing at the cupboard where we keep the dry food trying to get in, crazy kitty. I am hoping all this pouting and stomping around will help him lose the two pounds sooner so we can start putting the tiniest bit of dry food out again. Until then we are going to have to make do with our two year old in disguise of a cat.

There is never a dull moment with cats around.

P.S. Winston is now playing with bubble wrap, all may be right in the world yet.

ImageWinston mourning the loss of his dry food

ImageSissy girl completely content with herself, the Spring sun, and her new collar


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