Is that a purse?

While “window shopping” online, I noticed there are a great deal of purses for sale that do not look like purses. Some of these purses are cool, some are weird, some are interesting, none of them I’d actually use, but never the less they are fun to look at. I especially like the clutches that look like books. Here are a few of the ones I particularly enjoyed finding. Happy Shopping!


  1. Kate Spade Wicker Car Tote
  2. Kate Spade Milo Clutch-speedometers
  3. Yazbukey Donna Sardina Mirror Leather Clutch
  4. Papa Razzi ‘Nadine’ Newspaper Clutch
  5. Kate Spade License Plate Clutch
  6. Tiger Minaudiere
  7. ‘Pandora-Postcard’ Clutch
  8. Wedding Bells-book emanuelle’ box clutch (front and back shown)

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