Cork-ey for Spring and Summer

Has anyone else noticed that cork is everywhere? I was browsing J. Crew a few days ago when I suddenly realized they have tons of items in cork, everything from shoes, to belts, to magic wallets, bags, etc. When did this happen? Is this cork a new trend?

I must say, I am not entirely sure how I feel about this concept of cork as a material. I have had corkboards since I was a child and one thing that always happens over time is chunks start to fall out, the color turns to a dark and rotten looking color, and all the holes weaken the cork. Eventually, I just throw the cork board out and get a new one. I mean they are not expensive. My concern/question is, is the cork used to make these wearable items the same as the cork found in a corkboard? What would happen if say, you are wearing your Tory Burch sandals and you get caught in the rain, will they mold or mildew, change color? I have too many concerns and questions about the care and life of these products to decide if I like them or not. Sorry, the jury is still out.

However, I will say, J. Crew has a nifty cork and gold bracelet I’m digging (not online so no picture) and this jewelry box from C. Wonder is pretty cool.

What say my peers? Does anyone have any cork shoes or handbags? How well do they last and are they hard to care for?

Below are a few cork items I found that I think are cute, again not sure about their care and life.


  1. Reversible Cork and leather belt
  2. Cork Knife Set
  3. Cork Envelope Clutch
  4. Tory Burch Miller 2 Cork Sandals
  5. Cork Double Wrap Bracelet
  6. Gold Flecked Cork Frame
  7. Gold Flecked Cork Jewelry Box
  8. Convertible Cork Wallet

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