Anchors Away into Spring

I love anchors; they just scream summer to me. When I see anchors, I think of lazy summer days, the beach, Baldhead Island, boating, shorts, boat shoes (of course), and for one reason or another stripes. I guess, for me, anchors: stripes:: stripes: nautical. While it is only spring, I can’t help but notice anchors are beginning to make an appearance, albeit a small one. Here are a few fun anchor things I have found, I can’t wait/ hope more anchors are coming soon. Has anyone else found any fun anchor things? I’d love to see them. Have a happy Monday!


  1. Embroidered Anchor Keeper Belt
  2. [CF] Nature Baby for J Crew Bib
  3. Factory Cotton v-neck sweater in anchor
  4. Sundry Anchor ¾ sleeve Top 
  5. Blissful Case
  6. KJP Boatyard Skipjack 
  7. KJP Bailey Lost Atlantic 

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