Bauble Bar for Nordstroms

I am just now “getting” into jewelry. I think I never really liked jewelry before because I was an undergrad, then went to law school, then grad school and never saw a reason to dress up. I would go to class or work then come home and do mountains of homework and studying, after changing into yoga pants. Additionally, I worked in a lab and always feared a bracelet, necklace, or earring falling off into whatever I was working with, and trust me, with the samples I was working with, it would not be an item I would want returned after. Annnnnd a lack of funds played a role into my lack of interest as well. I didn’t really want to look at things I wanted but could not afford or even really save up for.

Anyways, that has all changed and I am loving this line of jewelry being carried by Nordstroms called Bauble Bar. Some of the pieces remind me a lot of J.Crew’s jewelry, only half the price! No complaints there, right? There really is something for everyone in this line, trendy, classic, tons of tortoise, gold, silver, bright colors, statement pieces, the only trouble is deciding what to buy first.

Here are a few of my favorites. What are some of your favorites or do you have a favorite accessory brand? I’d love to check the line out if so.


1. Stone Stretch Bracelet

2. Multi-strand Pendant Necklace

3. “Smokey Dame” Embellished Stretch Bracelet

4. Pave Accent Link Bracelet


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