Color Inspiration: Blue + Morocco

Navy and blues are my favorite colors to wear. I can’t decide if it’s because blue is my favorite color, I love that there are so many shades of blue, that navy is a great neutral, or that blue and navy can be worn all year around. Either way, here are a few awesome blue and navy pieces out there right now. Also, I added some pictures of John’s trip to Morocco at the bottom because they inspired me to do a color inspiration with the color blue. Image

1. J. Crew Ella Strapless Printed Dress- this is actually from last year, but I own it and it is one of my favorite dresses

2. Caravane Tunic Dress (on sale!)

3. Surrealist Dress

4. Kerala Peplum Top 

5. Silk shirtfront tank in floral stamp

6. Silk Flutter Top

7. Factory Buttoned Double-Serge Cotton Mini

8. Hudson + Bleecker Travel Shoe Bag





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