Statement Necklaces

I just recently got on board with the statement necklace trend/look that is here to stay. When these oversized necklaces first started popping up everywhere I just did not like them. I thought they looked clunky, busy, over done, and even over whelming on some people. They just weren’t for me. I recently decided to reevaluate these statement pieces and see what it was about them that I just didn’t like. Turns out, what I didn’t like was certain necklaces, due to design or color and that people where wearing statement necklaces that either A) didn’t go with their outfit or B) were too big or over-sized for their frames.
Two of my all time favorite stores to shop at are J. Crew and Anthropologie, so I picked up their latest magazines and headed to the stores to do a little shopping research. I did find a few statement necklaces that I like; I love J. Crew’s statement necklaces that are crystal. Three of my J. Crew favorites are the Circular Petals Necklace,  the Crystal Rosette Necklace,and the Flower Lattice Necklace. I like the crystal because there is no color, and it can thus act as a neutral and really be worn with any color. In one of my favorite blogs, The Northeast Girl, the blogger, Maureen, pairs her statement necklaces with the J. Crew Tippi pullovers and I think this looks fantastic. A Tippi goes with any bottom, pants or skirts, and the statement necklace makes the whole outfit look effortless and put together.

At Anthropologie it was a little harder to find a good staple statement necklace; I like when I can wear things year around. The store carries a great deal of the bobble or heavily beaded necklaces and I just don’t like those. Don’t get me wrong, the bobble necklaces look great on some people, they just aren’t my style. These two styles were the first statement necklaces I saw and one of the reasons I was really turned off to the whole accessory in general. I did find three necklaces I really like. The first is called the Mirage Necklace that is very pretty and versatile, it is composed of neutral colors and at $68, it’s a pretty good price point. Now, these next two are way pricier and definitely out of my price range, but I still like them a lot and wouldn’t turn them down if they were given to me. First, is the Threaded Coral Necklace at $928, beautiful for summer, right? And the second is the Stone Bloom Necklace at $368. Of these two necklaces, I think the Stone Bloom would be a more practical purchase, not just because it is less expensive, but because it can be worn all year around. I tend to think of coral as a summer only color/material. But hey, all six are beautiful and would make a great addition to any wardrobe, especially mine ; )
What are some of your favorite statement necklaces?



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